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Reiki (pronounced "ray key”) is a form of  natural energy healing rediscovered by  a Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui, near the turn of the century. Dr. Usui was searching for the healing knowledge that Jesus Christ and Buddha had utilised and after studying many sacred texts kept in monasteries, finally gained this insight through what appears to be a Shamanic Vision Quest. Reiki is an ancient eastern form of hands–on healing, where by the practitioner channels life force energy (“Divine Love”). Reiki means Universal Life Energy, which exists within all beings, which supports life by helping maintain homeostasis.

Energy is known as Ki and when this Ki is diminished through stress, life challenges and traumas, ill health can result. The main aim of Reiki is to bring about balance to mind, body and spirit to improve well-being. Reiki energy is a specific vibration that can be seen and felt even over long distances. It is of the purest form and does not emanate from within the practitioner. A Reiki practitioner has to be specifically attuned to the healing vibration produced by the universe to channel this energy. These attunements help to clear previous energy blockages in their system and help to align the practitioner with the Reiki energy so that they are able to channel this pure energy to others at its natural vibrational level.


Reiki can be used for healing one’s self, healing pets, animals, plants and the planet. Reiki can be used alongside other therapies for example whilst giving a massage treatment the Reiki energy can be passed onto your client without them knowing it. Reiki can be extremely useful and beneficial in all talk therapies such as counselling, coaching, caring, teaching etc. as the energy will travel through you to your client whilst talking.


Karyn developed a Reik Foundation course, which gives a firmer foundation of the knowledge required to become a Reiki Practitioner. So many people have been attuned to reiki without the relevant basic knowledge required to perform reiki safely on others as well has look after their own energy. The Reiki Foundation Workshop is a reflection of her previous training, knowledge and experience that she has gained over the past 18 years.


Reiki I  is purely for self-healing. If you decide you only want to be attuned to Reiki I level, you will only be allowed to work on yourself and will not be qualified to work on another person or paying client. You will receive a Reiki I certificate which will state that you have been attuned to Reiki I for self-healing. You will still be required to complete your Reiki Foundation certification if you decide to continue onto become a reiki practitioner at a later date).


If you choose to become a Reiki Practitioner you will need to complete your Reiki Foundation Certification first before you can embark on Reiki I. You will be required to complete all 6 case studies prior to receiving Reiki II Practitioner attunement and Certification. After completion of all 6 case studies, assessment and satisfaction you will receive your Reiki Practitioner Certification and be fit to practice as a Reiki Practitioner. This method enables you go out into the world as a fully aware, safe and confident practitioner.

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This workshop gives the trainee in depth and adequate knowledge, tools and techniques to prepare for the Reiki I & Reiki II Practitioner Level.

Reiki Found



The aim of this workshop is to gain as much practice as possible before the end of the workshop to equip you with as much experience as possible. You will need to practice Reiki on yourself for 21 consecutive days on completion of this workshop and prior to commencement of Reiki II.

Reiki I Practitioner Level, this workshop covers:


  • The History of Reiki.

  • The effects of Reiki & the 5 principals of Reiki.

  • Chakra balancing techniques.

  • Treating specific disorders.

  • Healing session and what you may expect to encounter whilst performing a healing session.

  • Reiki hand positions.

  • Meditation.

  • Reiki I Attunement.

  • Full manual.

  • Reiki I Certification.

  • Ongoing support.


6 case studies (of between 4 – 6 sessions) with notes will be required before embarking on Reiki II Practitioner. This is to prepare you for Reiki Practitioner level. Once you have completed Reiki II you will become a Reiki Practitioner, which means that you will be able to work on the public. Please note that Reiki I is purely for self-healing, (with the exception of 6 case studies as mentioned above). You will only be qualified to work on the public once you have attained Reiki II level.  It is recommended that you wait at least 3 months before completing Reiki II.



In order to do this level you will need to show your case studies and have an equivalent level of practice and self-healing.



Advanced Reiki or Reiki III is for those who wish to be attuned to masters level however, do not wish to teach. Please not that you will not be able to call yourself a Reiki Master unless you complete the full Reiki Masters course and teach. You will however be able to call yourself an Advance Reiki Practitioner.



Reiki Foundation - Towards Practitioner level - Max 4 People

Saturday 16th June 2018 - Kendal

Saturday 8th September 2018 - Ulverston

Saturday 8th December 2018 - Kendal

Saturday 2nd March 2019 - Ulverston


Reiki I -  Towards Practitioner level - Max 4 People            

Saturday 12th May 2018 - Ulverston

Saturday 14th July 2018 - Kendal

Saturday 13th October 2018 - Ulverston

Saturday 2nd February 2019 - Kendal

Saturday 6th April 2019 - Ulverston


Reiki II - Practitioner level - Max 4 People

Saturday 11th August 2018 - Kendal

Saturday 30th March 2019 - Ulverston


Advanced Reiki Practitioner - Max 2 People

Saturday 10th November 2018 - Ulverston


Reiki I for self healing only - One to One workshops    

Please contact Karyn to arrange a suitable time for a reiki self healing only workshop.


Reiki Master courses 

Available on request. contact Karyn to arrange a suitable time.




Reiki For Self Healing only:

Reiki First Degree Self Healing Only (1 day) - £ 185


Reiki Practitioner level:

Reiki Foundation Practitioner Level (1 day) - £ 185

Reiki First Degree Practitioner Level (2 days) - £ 185

Reiki Second Degree Practitioner Level (1 days)  - £225

Advanced Reiki (1 day) - £335


Monthly Direct Debit payment plans are available prior to workshop/course commencement. Contact Karyn to arrange.


Call/text or whatsapp Karyn on 07464 617 315




A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place at the time of booking. You will be required to complete and sign "terms & conditions of entering into therapy" before commencement of the Workshop. Failure to do so will result in non therapy/ workshop. Payment is required prior to commencement of the Workshop.  Failure to do so will result in non commencement of the Workshop. All non-attendance or last minute cancellations, within 1 weeks notice will be charged the full rate.

Reiki III Practitione Level, this workshop covers:


  • Trainee receives the Usui Master Attunement, which increases the strength of ones Reiki Energy, increases the effectiveness of the Reiki second-degree symbols and can be used for healing activities.

  • The student is taught Psychic surgery.

  • How to make and use a crystal grid, and goal setting.

  • Through the various processes you also learn how to deal with intentionality and the Essence of who they are.

  • Reiki Meditation.

  • Full Manual.

  • Advanced Reiki Certification.

  • Ongoing support.

Reiki Foundation -The workshop covers in depth:


  • An introduction to Energy.

  • The Chakra’s .

  • Layers of the Aura.

  • Body systems & their basic functions.

  • How all these systems interlink with each other and affect our energy and healing.

  • Self-healing questions, relating to each body system, to aid self-healing.

  • Hands on healing positions for self-healing & a practice session.

  • Learn how to protect yourself

  • Grounding, centring exercises and meditation techniques.

  • Full Manual

  • Reiki Foundation Certification

Reiki II Practitione Level, this workshop covers :


  • Reiki II (higher level) Attunement.

  • Three Reiki symbols. The student is taught how to use the symbols to increase the power of Reiki.

  • Psychically protect him/her and others.

  • Heal emotional and mental issues.

  • Change unwanted habits.

  • Send Reiki to others at a distance

  • Send Reiki to heal the past or prepare for the future, and to achieve goals.

  • Additional techniques taught are scanning, beaming and manifesting.

  • Assessment of case studies.

  • Full manual.

  • Reiki Practitioner Certification on completion of final assessment.

  • Ongoing support.