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Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis for the treatment and relief of many different medical and psychological symptoms. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy concentrate on the ‘solution’ of the client’s issues without much emphasis or understanding of how the problem was created.


Hypnosis is a natural state of altered awareness, which varies from light to deep states of relaxation. It is an effective way of making contact with the unconscious mind. The mental processes which can occur in any of these states of consciousness are generally potentially far more powerful in effecting change than those we can achieve in most everyday states of active conscious awareness. At this level we are able to tap into a vast source of many of our problems as well as forgotten potential, strengths, knowledge and resources.


Whist in hypnosis you are able to hear everything that is said to you and you remain in control throughout even though you are relaxed. In a therapeutic environment, nobody can be hypnotized against his or her will and, even when hypnotized, people can still reject any of the suggestions given if they are not appropriate.


A Hypnotherapy session usually lasts about 1 hour and is completely confidential. The first session may last up to 1.5  hrs. to allow for a detailed case history to be taken as well as providing an opportunity for the client to gain trust and confidence with the therapist. The therapist will establish what it is the client wishes to achieve through therapy and will agree a number of session it may take, with a view to reviewing this after a couple of sessions. Feeling safe, comfortable and secure with the therapist helps the induction of a hypnotic trance. The length of subsequent treatments depends on the problem or symptom and the individual's circumstances.





  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Body image

  • Break unwanted habits

  • Child Abuse

  • Chronic Illness

  • Clinical illnesses

  • Depression or low moods

  • Eating issues and weight management

  • Emotional, Mental, Physical issues

  • Increase performance & motivation

  • Identity issues

  • Infertility

  • Lack of confidence and self esteem

  • Miscarriage

  • Narcissism

  • OCD

  • Pain Relief

  • Panic attacks, phobias, insomnia

  • Parenting and inner child work

  • Past experiences

  • Physical ailments and illnesses

  • Pregnancy & Birthing

  • Problems relating to food and body image

  • Rape

  • Relaxation

  • Regression

  • Relationships

  • Self-beliefs

  • Self-harm

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Smoking Cession

  • Stress

  • Suicide

  • Trauma

  • Unemployment

  • Work place issues



First Consulation 1.5 hrs - £65- - One to One or Skype

£50 for 1 hr. session for private clients - One to One or Skype

£70 for 1.5 hr. session for private clients - One to One or Skype

£90 for 2hr. sessions for private clients - One to One or Skype

£60 for 1 hr session private client home visit.

£80 for 1.5hr. session for private client home visit

£95 for 2hr. session for private client home visit

£125 for 2hr session for corporate clients.



Click here to view whether you benefit from one of the CNHC 



Block Sessions are available in 6, 12 & 18 sessions at discounted rates, Payment is  required upfront for block sessions to benefit from discounted rates, Cancellation policy applies to non attendance please see below.


Call/text or whatsapp Karyn on 07464 617 315





You will be required to complete and sign "terms & conditions of entering into therapy" before commencement of therapy. Failure to do so will result in non therapy. Payment is required prior to commencement of therapy, Failure to do so will result in non therapy. All non-attendance or cancelled sessions prior to 48hrs notice will be charged the full rate.





"Karyn has helped me with areas of my life I was unable to resolve. I found hypnotheapy to be an easy, powerful tool, so very different from what I had seen on television and not at all like that. I was very surprised how relaxed I felt even after the treatments and how far I have come in such a short space o time." Cumbria *


”Karyn was recommended to me via a friend but I couldn’t travel up from London to see her just for a couple of hrs treatment. She recommended Hypnotherapy via Skype, I must say I was intrigued to see if it would work as I had never tried hypnosis before let alone on Skype. Well I can’t believe how quickly Karyn got me to relax and before I knew it I was accessing what I wanted to. After the session I felt so relaxed and calm. My life has changed remarkably since that session, I feel so free and light and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Karyn for such a blessed experience.” London *


“I have always been torn between my past experiences and trying to move on with life. I struggled for years and seemed to get no where. I decided to see Karyn for Hypnotherapy. She told me that as I was ready to do this work that the changes would be significant and that i would notice the impact of the work almost immediately. I was rather skeptical. However within the first session which was mainly talking about my history I felt so much better like a weight was being lifted. I had never had hypnosis before and felt I was able to become very relaxed and comfortable really quickly. Karyn explained to be what I would experience and I felt at ease immediately knowing I was in safe hands. Within a few sessions my whole life has changed. I am no longer controlled by my past experiences and fell more whole and complete. I feel excited about all the possibilities my life is presenting to me as a result. Thank you so much special lady.” Cumbria *


“Thanks Karyn you have helped me so much, as a result of our sessions I have realised what my next step is in looking after myself and how to seek the support I need. If it wasn’t for seeing you I would still be trapped in my old patterns, but now I can see my life is opening up. Thank you so much. Blessing and love.” Lancashire *


“Karyn has helped my 90 year old mother with her eating problems. She was very ill and would not eat anything. Karyn used hypnotherapy to help reintroduce her to food and her appetite improved significantly. I found her to be very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Even our doctors are impressed with the work she has done on my mother. Grasmere *


* This may vary from person to person





Karyn Segers is a Professional Hypnotherapist, with over 10 years experience and is an accredited member of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists), a fellow member of the NSHP (National Society of Hypnisis and Psychotherapy), Registered memeber of CNHC for Hypnotherapy and a member of Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies Ltd. Her experience includes working with people between the ages 18-94 years old, both professionally and privately. Experience includes working with trauma, rape, abuse, stress related to work or family, stop smoking, weight management, sleep disorders, inner child healing, past life and soul healing, grief and bereavement related problems as well as phobias.


Her Qualifications include: PG Dip in Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy DIP, Psychology DIP, Intermediate Clinical Hypnotherapy Cert, NLP Practitioner Cert

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