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Karyn’s Psychotherapeutic, strong intuitive skills and experience enables her to offer Coaching, Mentoring & Energy Coaching and facilitations to corporate and private clients looking for a more holistic and integrative approach to  stress management and managing outcomes, both personally and professionally.


Karyn offers face to face Energy Coaching, Life Coaching and Business Coaching to Corporate & Private clients, and on Skype Nationally and Internationally.



'Energy' is a result of your thoughts, emotions and life experiences. Thoughts, feelings and life experiences that you are consciously or unconsciously aware of are in our energy field. Have you ever experienced an encounter with someone and within seconds known instantly that there was something ‘not right with that person’ or you just know that you would get on like a house on fire with them or never want to see them again? This is all about what you put out/pick up unconsciously and at an energetic level.


Energy Coaching may help one to see what is affecting you on an energetic level and may enable one to find alternative ways of being so that you can attract the outcomes that you want. When you have ‘clean energy’ i.e. you are aware of your stuff and how it is affecting your life/attracting what you want you are better able to get the results you want more effectively and effortlessly in ways that everyone around you wins.


You may begin to notice that the people around you start to change when you look after you and you may also notice a profound change in the way you and others interact with you.


Face to face sessions are typically 1.5 hours long. Telephone / Skype coaching is 1.5 hours long. Sessions are unique for each person. Prior to the first session be sent a form to fill out that allows you to think about want to achieve from the session. A programme will be designed from there that suits and supports you to achieve your outcomes. This may involve a number of different techniques including hands energy healing which is optional. Karin is able to channel healing energy to you through being in her presence or through the phone you so will have the full benefit of energy coaching.


  • Clean Energy

  • Release Energy blockages (in the aura or  space around you)

  • Release Energy blockages in the  physical body

  • Release Energy Blockages in the mind such as negative beliefs

  • Release Energy Blockages emotionally, suppressed, blocked or unresolved emotions

  • Connect Mind with Body

  • Align you with your own energy physically, emotionally and mentally

  • Support you to make better choices from a place of love

  • Enables you to embrace fears

  • Change belief patterns

  • Bring your unconscious behaviour into awareness so can choose better choices

  • Support you to reconnect with your true self

  • Support you to find your own way and your own solutions that are right for you

  • Change the way you interact with your world

  • ‘Create the whole of your reality’





Private clients

Life Coacing - £60 for 1hr - face to face or Skype

Energy Coaching- £120 for 1½hr - face to face or Skype

Spiritual Development Coaching - £80 for 1.5 hr - Face to face or Skype



Call/text or whatsapp Karyn on 07464 617 315




You will be required to complete and sign "terms & conditions" before commencement of session. Failure to do so will result in non session. Payment is required prior to commencement of session, Failure to do so will result in non session. All non-attendance or cancelled sessions prior to 48hrs notice will be charged the full rate.




‘Karyn has helped me reconnect to myself and release years of frustration, negative feelings and brick walls that I have been putting up.  Since I started the coaching I feel free and released from ‘the shackles’ that I had put on myself.  It has made an amazing difference to how I show up in my professional, personal and sporting life.’ Thank you for everything you have done for me - from teaching me how to 'feel' the energy in my body and be aware of the blocks, from how to listen to the energy and follow the excitement you have made me recognise I have so many gifts and I am so excited at being able to use them.  You are a truly special person and I will always remember what you have given me. R Gibson ThinkFeelKnow - London *


‘I have found energy sessions with Karyn a great way to create space for myself to just ‘be’. They have allowed me to explore and understand what is happening with me (and my body) energetically without having to have discussions or verbal coaching to support it. Each session has felt different to the previous and each time I walk away feeling ‘shifted’ – often lighter, and certainly more aware of myself.’  A Taylor Shirlaws Coaching UK. - London *


‘I found Karyn’s coaching authentic, bringing me different insights into how I can move life forward. I gained my self confidence back and started up my own business which is really successful now. Her encouragement and knowing helped me to step into that for myself.” - Edinburgh *


* This may vary from person to person.


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